Koffi: Yellow Kopter!

artwork created by Dave Giarrusso

Atari 5200 Game Title: Koffi: Yellow Kopter
Author: Ron Lloyd ("Caféman")
Label and box art: Dave Giarrusso
Boxes by: George Reese

Last Update: September 24, 2008! ...

100 First Editions of Koffi:Yellow Kopter were sold from November 2002 through February 2003. It included a glossy label, glossy 16-page manual, and a fine box along with the game itself. I was quite happy with how my first 5200 game turned out, including the packaging, and I thank all the First Edition Koffi owners for your support and for taking the time to send nice praising comments to me!

The 2nd edition (general release) of the game is being handled by AtariAge.com. Click on the Koffi marking this paragraph to get an emulator ROM image of the entire game of Koffi and to order from AtariAge's store.

Koffi:Yellow Kopter was my first attempt at making a classic 80's system videogame. Here are some links showing the development process and other information about the game!

Koffi Development Archives page, Koffi Manufacturing Pictures Page, Koffi Secrets Page, Interview: Connect Emulation, Interview: Good Deal Games.

Game Description
Koffi is a little kopter, and not allowed to go with the bigger rescue kopters on missions. But when Koffi learns of an insidious plan of Pyro the stormcloud to burn down the forests ... Koffi must take action! Protect the forests and the animals that live there, and defeat the villainous Pyro the electrified stormcloud!

Koffi is a one-screen action game, which I've always enjoyed and I miss. Joust, Bubbles, Food Fight, Dig Dug, Pac-Man ... all are one-screen action games, and so is Koffi: Yellow Kopter. There are four stages per level. Each new level brings a new color scheme and more challenges for Koffi.


* Click here to see online gameplay instructions *

Pyro is going to burn down those forests if its the last thing he does! He's got quite a hot temper and an electrified personality! You control Koffi, the yellow helicopter. Koffi must defeat Pyro by bumping into him, being careful not to get fried by either the lightning or the raging fires! Koffi must collect rainwater from the clouds above and douse it on fire! Watch that tricky Pyro though, he doesn't sit still and his different types of lightning are deadly! It's a matter of timing and learning Pyro's patterns to get enough rainwater collected to douse the fire, and destroying the storm cloud in the process!

Koffi must be careful; he loses a turn if lightning hits him, or if he touches the fire. He can fly around the fire layer and fly into the forest at the bottom of the screen to rescue animals . When Koffi picks up an animal, he drops it off to safety at the lower right part of the screen. Grateful animals will help Koffi with extra water and big points! The goal is to rescue as many animals as you can, fight the fires, and defeat the cloud itself. Then you move on to the next level. Can you defeat Pyro?

(Note -- Colors are not 100% accurate due to emulation.)

Stage One -- Mountain Valley
This first level has Pyro taking all kinds of lightning fits. Koffi accesses the forest via the east side of the trees.

Stage Two -- Coniferous Forest
Evergreen trees and a winter setting, complete with tiny snowflakes for Koffi's water tank. Watch out for fireballs which will pop into the sky and drop down either side of the trees. Koffi must decide if the east or west side of the trees is the safest route to the sky or to the forest bottom. Pyro will still be up there shooting his lightning around, too.

Stage Three -- Windy Vines
One big tree with a springy vine which can be maddening to pass sometimes. Be careful of the West Wind, too.

Stage Four -- Pyro's Mom
She's big ... and she's MAD!

Koffi's programming was completed October 2002.

Special Thanks for coding assistance to:
Dan Boris Dan B's Home Page (Got me started with his example program, supplied other general 5200 /ASM assistance)
Dennis Debro (Joystick POT readings, Vertical Blank Interrupts, and other general 5200 / ASM assistance)
Ronen Habot (sound, register, and ASM examples)
And all the other Atari 8bit and 5200 coders from Atari Age!

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