Koffi: Yellow Kopter hidden secrets!

Koffi: Yellow Kopter has a secret which is difficult to activate unless you have some clues. I have posted various clues on various forums that some folks might have caught, but now that Koffi has been out for about a year, I am posting more help on activating the secret, as well as additional info about the game for you to experiment with!

1. The Spin Move. A bit of history, originally I was going to have the action button cause Koffi to spin. At first the spin was to be a power-up which would cause more rain to fall. As development went on, I discarded this idea. Later I thought about putting the spin back into the game to break free of vines. This didn't quite work itself into the game either. For fun, I left the ability for Koffi to 'show off', or spin, if he is within 2 or 3 pixels below the very top cloud, activated by pressing the action button. To activate the 'secret', you must know how to fly up there and spin. It isn't hard!

2. Animal appearance rules.
a. On Easy, an animal appears at beginning of each stage.
b. An animal appears if Koffi loses a turn.
c. An animal will not appear if one is still on-screen and not rescued. Thus you can 'lose' animals, which are worth a lot of points! You will, however, notice that if you die with an animal-onscreen, the animal will change to another animal. Oops!
d. If an Animal is left standing at the end of a stage, you will get an animal at the beginning of the next stage. Thus on Normal/Hard difficulty, you don't need to rescue to final animal because it will cause another animal to be appear next stage, by which you can short-cut through the trees (no fire appears while the Koffi theme is still playing) and quickly nab 'em!
e. Animals appear when Pyro's Hit Counter is at a certain threshold. Each time Koffi bumps Pyro the Stormcloud, this counter decreases by 1. If you cross 2 thresholds but haven't rescued the first animal, you basically lose the chance to rescue another animal. Thresholds are at 64, 63 (snicker!), when Pyro reaches his "Berzerk" (Fast-moving) threshold which changes based on difficulty/level, and at 0 when Pyro is defeated.

3. The Secret!

Keep the fire within the first 7 rows of the tree (which gives a 500 point Tree Bonus).
Get the fox to appear. Touch him before he disappears!

Use the vine to knock the fox away. He won't leave. Defeat Pyro. Make sure you still control the fire above 7 rows! The Final Countdown will go from 9 to 0. Control the fire, don't put it out, and right before time runs out, fly to the top cloud and press the button to Spin! You will die but ...

...each level will have the secret initials on it from that point on! Congrats, you did it!

Thanks for Visiting!

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