Last Update: October 30, 2002

Controller/Keypad Instructions for Koffi: Yellow Kopter demo

To Start Game: Press Start or 1 key.
To Reset Game: Press Reset or 3 key.
To Pause Game: Press Pause.
To Change Stages and Levels: Press * or 7 key (note that some emulators crash if you try to Press Shift and 8 to get the "*" -- use the 7 key instead!)
To Change the Difficulty: Press # (pound sign).
To View Credits from Title Screen: Press 9 key.
To Make Koffi's Eyes and raindrops their proper "blue" color (for use in emulators which insist that the color is GREEN! Argh!): Press the 6 key on Title Screen. You can only do this on the Title Screen. This option is not active in the real 5200 Koffi version since it's not necessary.

During Gameplay, control Koffi using the joystick and press the lower Fire Button to Douse.

Instructions for "Koloring book!"

Press the 5 Key on any screen to turn on Koloring Book! while the game is Paused. In this mode, you can change the color of almost anything on screen. Here's how:

* selects which item to select. It goes from 0 to 9, then A thru F, each representing a different item.
0 will increment the associated color value.
# will decrement the associated color value.

Press the 5 key to resume gameplay using your new colors!

For example, in this picture I have changed the top cloud's color to a reddish hue with value 22. This is actually a brownish hue on the actual 5200, btw. The Top Cloud is item "0".

Here are the items you can usually change:

0 TopCloud Body Color
1 TopCloud Border Color
2 Pyro Body Color
3 Pyro Border Color
4 Tree Body Color
5 Tree Border Color
6 Trunk Color
7 River Color1
8 Koffi Color1
9 Koffi Color2
A Animal Color1
B Animal Color2
C Douse Color
D Mountain Color
E Floor Color
F Lightning2 Color

How To Play

Your goal is to put out that fire. But you will not be able to do that unless you take out Pyro first. Keep bumping into Pyro, avoiding his lightning. After you've hit him a number of times, he will go berzerk, and finally you will defeat him. Be careful! Pyro speeds up and slows down and if you pay attention, you should see his patterns. Watch out for a Level 5 Berzerk Pyro ... he's incredibly fast! (Level 5 not available in Koffi demo)

Oh yeah, it's wise to have the fire well under control and to have enough water when you defeat him. You'll hear one of his relatives thundering their disapproval at you, so quickly douse the fire to finish the level before time runs out!

Difficulty Settings: Easy mode has a slow fire and rewards you with plenty of water. Normal mode has a faster fire spread but still rewards you extra water for rain/snow or animal rescue. In Hard Mode, you must carefully manage your water supply, since you are given less water and other game settings are turned up a bit faster too.

Fly Koffi into Raindrops and snowflakes to put water into his tank. The rain follows its own rules which may change level to level. One quick way to pick up lots of rain drops (and building up the yellow water meter at the right side of the screen) is to get near the top cloud and begin to fly to the right just when a raindrop is due to fall. You'll link together a chain of Rain drops on your trip and by doing this a few times, plus grabbing animals and hustling a bit, you should have no trouble keeping that gauge filled up. Raindrop Chaining becomes a crucial skill for Koffi in the harder levels!

Dousing occurs when you press the lower fire button and you are close enough to the fire.

Don't forget to rescue animals for water and big points! Animals will expire after a short while if you don't save them, causing Koffi to lose some water and get no points.

Koffi must find a way to bump into Pyro's Mom to defeat her! Hint: the drone fireball follows you. So does Pyro's Mom. ZZZap?

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