Ye Olde Adventure II Contest!

Here are the rankings received for the Adventure II contest!

Steve Jacobs

Winky's dim brother
Duck Food
Bat's Prey
Fowl Hunter
Slayer of Mallards
Lara Croft's Stud
Troll Destroyer
Ace W Robinett

Luke Sandel

"A Square Meal" - variants "Dragon's Square Meal", "Troll's Square Meal"
"Yars Disciple"
"Drawn and quad-ed"

Ben Langberg("legeek")

Bat Guano
Duck Soup
Duck Slayer
Grundle Gladiator
Rhindle Ruffian
Yorgel Yahoo

Walter Lauer (Gambler172)

"Dragon Slayer"
"Treasure Hunter"
"Master Brain"
For a bad rank "Mud Slayer"
" Masterthief " ?

Rob Adair

-Dragon Fodder
-Totally Not Square
-Adventure Amateur
-Dragon Fighter
-Look Out Link!


dragonator for best performance and lost puppy for worst performance.
other good performances: dragonmaster, dragontoaster , kingdommaster, chalice snacher .
bad performance: dragonscared, unworthy key holder, forest terrifed, AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST FOR A WORST POSSIBLE PERFORMANCE: QUOTE- HA HA TRY ADVENTURE 1 MAN *

Randy Ball

Good Rankings:
Perfect Square
Chalice Keeper
Warren Worthy

Fair Rankings:
Fair Square
Wise Traveler (for finding a secret)
Path Maker

Poor Rankings:
2-Bit Square
Garden Gnome
Court Jester
Flickering Sprite
Dragon Snack
Reset Rider (for hitting "Reset" too much)

Arthur "mechanized"

1. Blockhead
2. Was That a Duck?
3. Stay Home Next Time
4. Grand Stumbler
5. Hedgemaze Gardener
6. Perpetually Lost
7. Bridge Builder
8. Where's the Spear?
9. Almost Adventurous
10. Chip Off the Old Man
11. Duckslayer
12. Chalice Bearer
13. Explorer
14. HaveSpear/WillTravel
15. Impressive
16. Most Impressive
17. Dragonslayer
18. Adventurous
19. Our Hero
20. Adventurer

Chris (khyryssun)

1 - Peasant
2 - Rider
3 - Prowler
4 - Scout
5 - Ranger
6 - Knight
7 - Dark Knight
8 - Lord
1 - Peasant
2 - Rogue
3 - Hunter
4 - Soldier
5 - Mercenary
6 - Wild Trooper
7 - Brave Knight
8 - Dragon Master

Alt Version :
1 - Lazy Peasant
2 - Circus Rider
3 - Night Prowler
4 - Empire Scout
5 - Angry Ranger
6 - Brave Knight
7 - Black Knight
8 - Jedi Lord

Kevin Swasey

(from worst to best):

John Silva "JohnnyBlaze"

Silver Knight
God of War
Golden God
Mama's Boy
King of the Hill
Golden Knight
Hallowed Hero

Jamie Green, AKA Fire Tiger

“You have received a badge that reads:”
(Boss, Elite, Grand, Intelligent, Neutral, Errand boy, Rotten )

( Insistent, Nefarious, Tenacious , Elite , Rapid, Magus, Eerie, Deft, Illuminated, Apt , Toddler, Errand boy*)

(Adventurer, Dragon Proof, Vanguard, Nefarious, Calm, Errand Boy, Dungeon Sweeper)
(Elite Adventurer, X-cellent, Promising, Errand Boy, Rotten, Trouble Maker)
(Almighty Adventurer, Dragon Master, Victorious Warrior, Energized Hero, Nefarious Sneak, Thief of Dreams, Unworthy Hunter, Rotten Thief, Errand Boy)

James King

Possible Message: Thanks "Square", you are the Hero of the Golden Kingdom. Ranking: Golden Hero
For someone who completes the game and slays the dragons a Zelda reference.

Possible Message: Your name should be "Dull" Ranking: Dull
For someone who justs goes through the adventure but doesn't slay dragons or find any secrets. A reference to square as a person

Possible Message: You're immortal! Ranking: A God
For someone who never dies once.

Possible Message: Our Hero... Sandwich! or DragonSnack will work but not with the message. For someone who can not stop being eaten by dragons. Reference to the hero sandwich.

Devin de Gruyl

Dragon Dung Cleaner
Square Meal
Castle Guard
A Link From the Past
Total Square
Lord Robinett's Heir

David Boeser

E.T. Squire
Horse Tooth Brusher
Chamberpot Child
Dumpy Dan
Duck-like Dragon
ColecoVision Crafter
Pitfall Prince
Pepsi Invaders Owner
Bushnell Basher
Joystick Genius

Adam Pratt "Shaggy the Atarian"

Rankings: (from lowest to highest)
Poop smith (reference to the Poop Smith on HomestarRunner)
Collector Of Rubbish
Elite Peasant
Knight of Yars
Duck Slayer
The Dragonstomper
Prince of Irata*
Special Ranking: King Nolan B.

Simone 'seemo' Serra

alamogordo knight
pillow fighter
macaroni h.e.r.o.
eligible reviver
irata legend

Stefan Hall
10 levels, 1=lowest, 10=highest

1) Dragon Fodder
2) Guttersnipe
3) Strider
4) Seeker
5) Scout
6) Myrmidon
7) Wyrm Slayer
8) Knight of Cups
9) Emissary of the Gods
10) Vessel of Destiny

Steve Bates "therealred5"
Sir STELLA 4 Sides
Sir RIOT the Square
Sir POKEY the Box
Sir ANTIC the Cube
Sir MARIA the Cursor !
Or :

STELLA the Meek
RIOT the Not So Brave
POKEY the Brave
ANTIC the Great
MARIA the Mighty

Christopher Ables

Yorgle Food
Ye Olde Scoundrel
Monster Munchie
Go Play Combat
Dragon's Ire
Sir Diesalot (or "Dies-a-lot")
Wizard of Lore

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