Ye Olde Adventure II Contest!

Here are most of the Icon submission I received for you all to check out and compare! Due to limited time, I didn't post some images but I think I have posted at least one submission per person. Because of the variety of ways these icon images were created, I've just presented them as I received them, changing some BMP's into GIF's where necessary. You can see each image's descriptive name by right-clicking on each image and checking its properties. I put half on this page and half on the next page in an attempt to help our 56K friends. :)

Concerning the Rankings submissions, keep tuned and I'll post something about them soon too!

Ben Langberg:

Brian Puthuff:

Daryl Litts:

David Boeser:

David Vazquez:

Foreman Bryce:

Jacob Rose:

(see more at

Jamie Green:

Jeff Koone:

Joe Kollar:

Juston Hairgrove:

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