Randy Femrite's tables boasted copies of Syzygy, Jaguar stuff, two TV's hooked up to Atari Jaguars, and a Jag Tempest 2000 tournament (with a free Jag to the winner! Although I originally thought my score of 391,995 did not win ... Randy contacted me later -- and mailed me a new Jag! Yeah, baby, yeah!). Randy's wife Nancy helped out at the Jaguar tables. Note the piddly Tempest 2000 score on the TV -- NOT the Caféman's! Also note the Iron Soldier poster behind Nancy -- it's cool seeing stuff like that again. (Randy rather avoided my camera, but I saw his picture HERE )

Randy's site is http://atarijaguardirectory.com, which you can access by clicking HERE.

Once again, thanks so much for my prize of a mint-in-the-box Jaguar, Randy! I promise to play it to death (once I get a better game than Cybermorph...!).

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