Ye Olde Adventure II Icons Contest!

Quick summary about the contest...Scroll down for the winners of the Icons contest!

Because of all the great Icon and Rankings entries, it has been a challenging experience picking Finalists, let alone the top 3 winners. After reviewing everything, I’ve decided that Two Icon entries will be chosen among the finalists to win the Grand Prize/ First Runner-Up Prize. One Ranking entry will be chosen from among those finalists to win the Second Runner-Up Prize.

Concerning the remaining finalist contestants, I will attempt to put as many of their icons/rankings in-game as ROM memory allows with a credit in the game’s manual. This info will be revealed when I’m 100% sure what will fit.

The Icons entries were judged by their overall uniqueness, appearance and creativity. Some of the animated and non-animated knights and blocky soldier images quickly stood out as great ideas to be used. Other images, although quite good, had to be discarded because there is a limited amount of memory present. And there were multiple hearts, shields and 3D square icons. These all can’t be included, so I picked as best I could. From these finalists, I will hand pick the Grand Prize winner. From the remaining finalists, one will be randomly picked to win the Runner-up #1 prize!

The Rankings entries were a different story. I needed a few traditional “adventure game” rankings and I wanted some good tongue-in-cheek entries too. In some cases, there were several rankings that were basically about the same idea, so I chose only one from these subgroups to be a finalist. From these finalists, one will be randomly picked to win the Runner-up #2 prize!

Each round of Adventure II will assign a Basic Ranking and a Time Ranking. Sometimes players will also be awarded with a special ranking - good, or bad! You can often tell how “good” a ranking is by its punctuation - exclamation points mean good job!!!

The Grand Prize Winner was hand-picked as my favorite of the icon entries, and is ...

Juston Hairgrove's animated Knight! A great 4-frame animation of a determined little knight! Congratulations, Juston! You win the top prize of a copy of Adventure II for the Atari 5200, as well as a homebrew of your choice from the AtariAge store!

The 1st Runner-Up Prize Winner was chosen randomly from the remaining finalists and is ...

Jeff Koone's Cube -- The Cube changes perspective depending on which of the 4 screen quadrants its in -- quite a cool and subtle effect. Congratulations, Jeff! You win the prize of your choice of any homebrew in the Atari Age store!

Here are all of the finalists for the Icons contest:

Ben Langberg's Knight Helmet -- This is exactly what I had in mind for an alternate icon.

Brian Puthuff's face -- The face has personality & reminds me of Calvin (&Hobbes)

David Vazquez' "baby Rhindle". His name, I couldn't use that Atari-owned name. "little red dragon" :)

Foreman Bryce's Shield. Ya gotta have a shield in the game ... this one is simple & to the point.

Jacob Rose's lil knight -- Although it contains more frames than any other entry, it's just too good not to use in some way. The idea is extremely creative -- that the original "square" is a shield that the knight hides behind!

Jamie Green's Dude and Scorpo -- Something about the way both are drawn, I like.

Jeff Koone's Cube -- The idea that the Cube changes perspective depending on which of the 4 screen quadrants its in, is cool.

Mechanized's girly-girl. I like the idea behind this one.

Randy Ball's Beating Heart, Crab, Nickel, Enchanted Tree -- Randy Ball really impresses me with all his solid entries. I'll try to use all 4 of these as Icons!

Thomas Krug's mini-Pong -- Heh, the ball bounces around between the two paddles!

Juston Hairgrove's animated Knight! Good Lord, what a great 4-frame animation!

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