Ye Olde Adventure II Rankings Contest!

Quick summary about the contest...Scroll down for the winner of the Rankings contest!

Because of all the great Icon and Rankings entries, it has been a challenging experience picking Finalists, let alone the top 3 winners. After reviewing everything, I’ve decided that Two Icon entries will be chosen among the finalists to win the Grand Prize/ First Runner-Up Prize. One Ranking entry will be chosen from among those finalists to win the Second Runner-Up Prize.

Concerning the remaining finalist contestants, I will attempt to put as many of their icons/rankings in-game as ROM memory allows with a credit in the game’s manual. This info will be revealed when I’m 100% sure what will fit.

The Icons entries were judged by their overall uniqueness, appearance and creativity. Some of the animated and non-animated knights and blocky soldier images quickly stood out as great ideas to be used. Other images, although quite good, had to be discarded because there is a limited amount of memory present. And there were multiple hearts, shields and 3D square icons. These all can’t be included, so I picked as best I could. From these finalists, I will hand pick the Grand Prize winner. From the remaining finalists, one will be randomly picked to win the Runner-up #1 prize!

The Rankings entries were a different story. I needed a few traditional “adventure game” rankings and I wanted some good tongue-in-cheek entries too. In some cases, there were several rankings that were basically about the same idea, so I chose only one from these subgroups to be a finalist. From these finalists, one will be randomly picked to win the Runner-up #2 prize!

Each round of Adventure II will assign a Basic Ranking and a Time Ranking. Sometimes players will also be awarded with a special ranking - good, or bad! You can often tell how “good” a ranking is by its punctuation - exclamation points mean good job!!!

The 2nd Runner-Up Prize Winner was chosen randomly from the "Rankings" finalists and is ...

"Peasant", (alternate: "Lazy Peasant"), submitted by Chris (khryssun).

Congratulations, Chris! You win the prize of a homebrew game of your choice from the AtariAge store!

Here are all the finalists for the rankings contest:

Ace W. Robinette (Steve Jacobs)

Duck Food (Steve Jacobs)

Adventure Amateur (Rob Adair)

Lost Puppy (RJ Champ)

A Square Meal (Luke Sandel) / also (Devin de Gruyl)

Dragon Slayer (Walter Lauer)

Treasure Hunter (Walter Lauer)

King of the Hill (John Silva)

Our Hero…Sandwich! (James King)

2-bit Square (Randy Ball)

Reset Rider (Randy Ball)

Flickering Sprite (Randy Ball)

Total Square (Devin de Gruyl)

Blockhead (Arthur (Mechanized))

Grand Stumbler (Arthur (Mechanized))

Most Impressive (Arthur (Mechanized))

Perpetually Lost (Arthur (Mechanized))

Swashbuckler (Kevin Swasey)

Champion (Kevin Swasey)

Peasant (Chris (khyryssun), also Adam Pratt (Shaggy))

Golden Knight (John Silva)

King Nolan B. (Adam Pratt (Shaggy Atarian))

Scout (Stefan Hall)

STELLA the Meek (Steve Bates (therealred5))

POKEY the Brave (Steve Bates (therealred5))

ANTIC the Great (Steve Bates (therealred5))

Go Play Combat (Christopher Ables)

Sir Diesalot (Christopher Ables)

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